How to choose a mattress toppers? Which mattress toppers is better for your health? 

If you have already bought a great mattress and even the basis for it, do not rush to keep them in operation. To complete this moment it is necessary to choose the correct mattress pad, after which the acquisition of your dream in a new berth will be really calm and healthy!


Purpose of this accessory - protect the mattress from dust and dirt. It is used in order to avoid unwanted impurities in the main product. Any moisture on the surface of the mattress is the cause of a variety of spots. If the mattress is protected in addition, that such things do not bother you, because the mattress is easy to operate, and easy to wash in a washing machine.
One of the good properties of the protective coating of the mattress is that it is breathable and retains heat. But the core is the ability to adjust the properties of the mattress, which undoubtedly will make your sleep even more serene.
Very often it happens that over time the protective coating starts to move and slide down to the mattress. To avoid such inconvenience, there mattress pad with an elastic band, which is attached to the mattress and which does not need to constantly correct, which creates a more comfortable environment.
Use protective covers for mattresses
Different types of coatings perform a wide range of functions: the classic natural or synthetic materials to protect the mattress from dirt and damage.
It should be noted that products made of natural materials, have the ability to "breathe" as air circulates through the calm natural fibers.
So, mattress cover tasks:
- protection of the mattress from dirt, moisture and wetness;
- teplosohranyayuschy additional layer;
- opportunity to give the mattress softness or stiffness;
- preservation upholstery mattress clean, without spots;
- protection of the mattress from wear, deformation and loss of useful properties.
How to choose a mattress pad right?
Know mattress cover function, its properties - it is already a lot, with this information you will be sure to choose a high quality and reliable mattress. But do not rush, remember a couple of important tips that will answer on how to choose a mattress pad
1. Measure the dimensions of the mattress that you wish to protect (mattress should conform to the maximum size of the mattress).
2. If you want to buy a mattress pad with an elastic band with side walls, an additional measure the thickness of the mattress.
3. High-quality mattress should have a proof of the quality and safety certified products.
4. Choose a mattress made of natural materials (see product structure).

MATEX The company offers a range of mattress covers with wool and vegetable fillings.
Let's look for the mattress covers more fillers.
Mattress filled with animal hair perfectly absorbs moisture, and it quickly disappears. Such a mattress pad and relieves muscle tension, helps to relax. With proper care and storage of such a mattress will last about 15 years.

Mattress covers made of wool and camel hair.
Mattress filled with very light camel-hair! On this matress cover you will be warm and comfortable in any temperatures. This mattress perfectly "breathes" and is able to absorb moisture up to a third of its own weight, while remaining almost dry. This improves the microclimate in the bed, because a person during sleep evaporates to 0.5 liters of water. In addition, the mattress pad made of camel wool is capable of self-cleaning - the sweat that it absorbs quickly and easily erode. Almost does not retain odors. Scientists have determined that the camel hair lanolin contains most compared to other animal fur. This means that sleep on such a mattress pad will also provide healing effect on the muscles and joints, as lanolin will have a positive therapeutic effect.

More luxurious and comfortable mattress covers are considered to cashmere. They are soft, pleasant to the touch. It has unique healing properties, which are explained by its chemical composition and physical and mechanical features - high water absorbency and resiliency, ease and gentleness.

Wool sheep - is a gentle warmth and captivating comfort. With them, relieves stress, fatigue goes away, returns to good health. It is still not established an analogue of fleece that can precisely replicate its unique properties of thermal stabilizer. Namastrasniki wool sheep durable and wear-resistant.
Lanolin, which is contained in the hair of animals, beneficial effects on the human body in osteochondrosis, orthopedic and rheumatic diseases and prevents skin aging.
Mattress filled with plant fiber is ideal for the summer, because they are not hot, but the winter is very warm.

Many of our customers are wondering how to choose a mattress with plant fibers.

Buying a mattress pad, note the weight, the more weighs mattress pad, so it is warmer.

 Nettle - a universal source of biologically active substances. Alternative medicine has made it a medicinal plant among the most rewarding of representatives of the "green pharmacy". Especially prized medicinal properties of nettles in chronic inflammatory diseases, women's ailments, anemia, bronchitis, hair loss.

Bedding filled with nettles have the following useful properties:
- Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Bedding from the nettle is used for bronchitis and fevers and in bronchial asthma and tuberculosis;
- Allow you to restore power, create conditions for good rest. Useful properties of nettle and largely due to a high content of formic acid, tannins and flavonoids;
- Activates blood circulation;
- Volatile contained in the nettles, a beneficial effect on the nervous, heart and vascular system.

Seaweed - a filler consisting of swan's down holofaybera and layer impregnated with seaweed. He is able not only to give the product elasticity, but also has a beneficial effect on the human body.

Bedding filled with seaweed has the following useful properties:
- Anti-stress property. As the struggle with insomnia, chronic fatigue and sleepiness;
- Lightweight and breathable. This is due to numerous air cavities fibers;
- Hypoallergenic. According to the chemical and biological composition of tissues and they are close to human plasma;
- Antistatic. The fibers do not attract dust and is not electrified;
- Good clean. Withstand a large number of washes, when wet does not lose its healing properties;
- Have antiviral and antibacterial properties;
- Keep warmth;
- Easy to clean. Wash the product should be gently, gentle cleansers that do not contain chlorine;
- Contain a huge amount of useful chemical elements: selenium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iodine, etc.

Chamomile has long been known for its healing qualities and excellent established itself in folk and traditional medicine in the healing of many diseases. Statistics confirm that Daisy is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants. Healing properties of chamomile are due to its chemical composition.

Bedding filled daisy has the following useful properties:
- An anti-inflammatory effect. Facilitates state of malaise and weakness when colds and viral diseases, lowers the temperature;
- Calming effect. Chamomile soothes and relaxes fine, also contributes to the normalization of sleep. Particularly relevant property for people whose work is connected with stress;
- Anti-allergic effect. Often one of the accompanying symptoms of allergy is rhinitis, and daisy easier and eliminates the symptom;
- An anti-inflammatory effect. Essential oils contained in chamomile has disinfectant properties.

A series - a genus of annuals, rarely perennial herbaceous plants belonging to the Asteraceae family. A series has a wealth of chemical composition, which includes tannins, bitterness, essential oils, vitamins C and A, flavonoids, coumarins, micro and macro elements, among which a large amount of potassium, calcium and magnesium, boron, iron, copper, selenium, manganese, zinc, chrome.

Bedding filled series have the following useful properties:
- Anti-inflammatory and wound healing. Included in the plant oils reduce inflammation, inhibit the vital activity of putrefying bacteria and promote rapid healing of wounds;
- Useful for the skin. It contains a huge amount of pro-vitamin A, necessary for the health of the skin. A series contains powerful antioxidants prevent premature aging;
- Hypoallergenic. A series is rich in macro- and microelements. Therefore, this plant is traditionally used for the pathology of skin diseases, healing properties of series with allergies undeniable.

Yarrow added to the cushion for the prevention of influenza, viral and respiratory diseases in the off-season, strengthen the immune system. Volatile yarrow have antibacterial and immune-stimulating properties, is a natural antibiotic.
Harvested milfoil during flowering, cut off the tip of the stem, 15 cm in length.

For any kind of mattress cover very important case, it plays a vital role quality mattress cover fabric, which should contribute to the strengthening of human health, and, of course, protect the mattress from wear and tear on other external factors. Therefore, the fabric must have the following important features:
- Water-resistant,
- Antibacterial,
- Hypoallergenic,
- Vented,
- Resistance to stains, to wear, to smell,
- Water-repellent effect,
- To withstand frequent washing.
As you can see, a lot of qualities, and they are all important! Only durable and sturdy mattress fully perform its function of protecting the mattress and keep your health!
Cases for the Company's products MATEX made of high quality natural cotton.

Care mattress topper:
 - The majority of mattress covers can be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of 30. In this case, use the delicate wash program and soft detergents
- Summer and winter rarely take out some air mattress covers
- Wash is recommended twice a year

Now you can be sure to choose the correct mattress covers and accurately! Treat yourself to a clean, comfortable and healthy sleep! Good luck!